This comes after she received a therapeutic massage from her fellow housemate, Saga. The two individuals seem to be ‘eyeing’ each other as many people believe they seem to be in love.

Here is what people are saying about her;

@BBNUpdate6 – BBNaija “Nini will soon forget about her boyfriend Saga got magic hands.

@BbNaija_Gossip – Saga with The Magic hands on Nini.. This Nini girl is falling for Saga play play oh.. Team Saga x Nini where you at

@kathenry5 – Saga is looking at nini like a snack, I really wish her for him #BBNaija

@AdaIkenga – #BBNaijaShineYaEyes #Nini She said he has magic hands…. I’m here for this ship

@shally_o – Nini enjoying the magic hands massage from Saga her neck pain is gone she now has a new neck

@Ms_Knzi – Nini made it clear she has a boyfriend. Some of you fans are shipping. And tomorrow you will start abusing her for not reciprocating the idea of love you have for her in your heads. We have seen this before #bbnaija

@Wajuu14 – So Nini is playing hard to get with Saga, she saw Liquor laying on Saga’s body, then boom suddenly she has a neck pain and asked Saga to massage her, interesting

@BantsBbn – Nini: See, this is a magic hands
Instantly I feel better

@Maseka_Selepe – After all that good massage nini will still call him zaga. #BBNaija