Remember Pastor Who Canceled Wedding Over New Couple’s Lateness, He’s Dead – See What Killed Him


Did you remember that pastor who trended and made many headlines last two weeks. He is pastor Essa Oggory. He refused to wed couple because they arrived 5 minutes late to the stipulated time for their church wedding. Did you remember him? 

Well, the pastor is dead. I know you are shocked or probably would want to know more about his death; the cause, and what our platform know. 

Pastor Essa Oggory

Pastor Essa Oggory in his office


I know you want the gist right away, but I feel you will get the full gist by understanding the basis. This is why I have to take my time to conduct a mini research on this topic. Obviously, to satisfy your curiosity and feed you with new ideas. 


 So, Here is the Thing 

About, two weeks ago, one senior Pastor Essa Oggory of Fulfilling World Foundation Church, Port Harcourt trended ceaselessly. In fact, Pastor Essa Oggory is the name in the month of an average Nigerian. 

Funnily enough, till this moment, many people still don’t know why Pastor Essa Ògo ry trended but joined the chorus in dragging him. 

Didn’t you even see how people dragged him. I mean, religious and irreligious folks dragged him from Twitter to Facebook, then to Whatsapp and Twitter again. 

This lasted for almost a week, and to think Pastor Essa Oggory had an underlying health issues. 

You don’t know social media is very powerful? You don’t know social media can kill? 

Pastor Essa Oggory during his last days

Pastor Essa Oggory in pulpit


Oh well, let’s presume you made a controversial post on your social media page which has barely 1000 followers. On average, 10 of 50 people who saw and commented on the post will slide into your dm to threaten you. I tried not to exaggerate a thingy here that’s why I used a relatable number. Got that? 

Other times, news platforms will carry you and drag your two left legs till you eventually fall into depression. Although, this was not exactly the case of Pastor Essa Oggory, but who knows. Who knows how many people called, cursed, and even wished him death after the video went viral. 

Mainly, people differs, so is opinions, and how we react to things. Different people react to different things differently, you know. So, who knows how Pastor Essa Oggory reacted to this drags. 


Pastor Essa Oggory died on Tuesday. That’s yesterday. Oddly enough, rumors have been flying around that his wife died exactly on 16th February, 2020. What are thinking? 

Well, we’re yet to confirm this, so I won’t say more than this. You know, death is a sensitive topic, or don’t you think Pastor Essa Oggory’s death is inclusive? Right. 

Report reaching us alleged that the Pastor had underlying health issues prior to the cancelation of the wedding. 


Pastor Essa Oggory in his car

Pastor Essa Oggory in his Car


In fact, rumor mongers did say that Pastor Essa Oggory flew from Abuja to Port Harcourt just to wait and cancel the wedding. Others said he got tired after waiting for the couple in the church premises when they couldn’t meet up with the stipulated time. 

Don’t you also think Pastor Essa should have as well delagated powers to junior pastor to conduct the wedding. You know sources had claimed he had an underlying health issues. 

If this be the case, however, it automatically means that Pastor Essa became weak after waiting for them in the church building for five minutes. Mainly, other sources claimed that the pastor asked to wed the new couple in his office, but they blatantly refused. 


What do you think about this story? Do you think Pastor Essa did the right thing when he canceled the wedding. Do you think his death was caused by social media or karma. Tell me about it in the comment section… 


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