The Death Of A Beloved And The State Of Lautech Students Union By Opakunle Oluwafunmbi Mayowa




It was an emotional blackout for Ladoke Akintola University of Technology yesterday, as she marked her 31st year anniversary with grievances demonstrated via a peaceful protest from concerned students as we lost a very recent graduate to the ineptness, nonchalance and selfishness of health workers and hostel owners.

Nifemi, until his demise was a just signed out student of the department of Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology who has spent nothing less than eight years in the institution, all of which are a result of the same quality of ineptness, nonchalance and selfishness of the Government and irresponsible leadership. Yet again, after what it seemed like the long war on unnecessary delays had been won, the promising lad was still caught in the remnant of the discrepancies of a failed society.

We therefore commiserate with the beloved family of Nifemi, friends, colleagues and the entire LAUTECH community, and also use this opportunity to vow that we will by all means as much as possible in our own capacities as a student body to avoid such recurrence, as we intend to table the matter in front of the relevant stakeholders.

As we grief, we should note that respecting the bereaved is utmost and we should not add any agenda with our agitations this in turn is a sign of respect to the deceased and would give our calls a formidable hearing since our agitations are pure and genuine, we must at all time be weary of the Security situation of our society so as not to allow hoodlums hijack our peaceful demonstration and not hurt our fellow students in whose interest we protect by demonstrating.

We have every rights to ask questions when right but as leaders we must learn not to politicize everything and use it for personal interest, by so doing we are setting a precedence for meaningful and result getting agitations in the future.

I must state that as an association we are ensuring that the election that should usher in active Student Union leaders must be conducted in due time, to ensure that active representation of students is in place to avoid instances such as the dilapidated hostels that accommodate our students and to put in place, policies that will always consider students’ welfare first at all times either in the school premises or her affiliations such as health center and teaching hospital.

Meanwhile, let it be noted that the Student Union of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology is presently not on proscription as peddled by many; therefore the fight isn’t about a reinstatement of Union as it will be a slap on LAUTECH Comrades to admit a reinstatement and still not take necessary steps towards reinstatement all this while and allowed a active non-union representation across board; LAUTECH Comrades are known to never allow such and this has been what has earned the Union its credibility and a force to reckon with over this past years.

The entire populace should therefore be in the know that the setback faced with the Student Union has been a result of damning several security reports sent to the school management to suspend the election for the past two semesters by the Vice Chancellor of our noble institution is the only delay holding back the announcement of the date for the students Union election. I can confirm to the entire students populace that we have discussed with the Governing Council of the institution and other necessary stakeholders put in place for the election and discussion is penned at the announcement of a substantive Vice Chancellor, the Departments and Faculties election would hold and subsequently the Students Union election all in this semester.

For this reasons, the NANS JCC Oyo axis Chairman; Comrade Opakunle Mayowa had on several occasions been having discussions with the Management of the Institution amongst which a very vital one was again held recently after the appointment of a new Governing Council for the Institution, to remind them of the need, imminence and eminence of a Student Union election, and to ensure that all the necessaries are as well put in place. But let it be noted too, that at the moment, the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology does not have a substantive Vice Chancellor, but an Acting Vice Chancellor, and so cannot conduct an SUG election, hence the recent delay.

It is worthy to as well note that the absence of a substantive Vice Chancellor is also a situation with an imminent and eminent resolution, hence, students, comrades and respective student leaders should have all hands on deck as regards the election, and prepare worthy candidates, not forgetting our focus of fulfilling the purpose of revitalization and active representation of students in order to avoid recurrence of incidence that befell us from lack of active representation.

Once again, we pray that our beloved Nifemi finds rest and peace in the bossom of the Creator.

Yours in service;

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